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Hurricane Preparedness Kit Packing Project
United Way Miami, Inc.

Join United Way and VolunteerMiami as we help South Florida families prepare for this year's hurricane season. The 2022 hurricane season officially runs until November 30th. Hurricane Preparedness Kits will support community members in need when inclement weather impacts Miami-Dade County. A minimum of five items packed in a sturdy paper or plastic bag will equal one completed kit. Letters for community service hours will be provided upon request. Five completed kits will equal one hour of community service. An Amazon Wish List will be provided via email after registering for the project via www.VolunteerMiami.org Suggested Items: Water Bottle First Aid Kit LED Flashlight Rain Poncho Emergency Medical ID Card Waterproof Document Bags Foil Blanket Baby Wipes Trash Bags Compass Fire Starter Kit Whistle Completed kits may be dropped of at United Way Miami on weekdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm throughout the month of August. There will be a drop-off bin located in the lobby of United Way's Ansin Building: 3250 SW 3rd Avenue Miami, FL 33129 Volunteering with United Way Miami is an inspiring way to lead through service and show the local community what it truly means to Live United. Share photos of your kit-packing project and tag us on social media: @UnitedWayMiami and #StrongerMiami.more...

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